OOMD : Crazy SALE on Dskon.com

             hello dear, good-night in the month of July which hopefully beautiful. I pray to immediately complete the thesis, right?
btw, I was browsing some online shopping and found some interesting ones like Dskon.com, what really makes interested? Dskon apparently not a brand on the shirt, but it is one that has a lot of web heaven brand in it. imaginable? I only have 1 tab to be able to shop with dozens of brand as much!
Dskon helped us and lots of online shop to collect a variety of local and international brands with big discount. So we can easily find online stores that sell your favorite products at low prices in Indonesia.
            a lot of shopping online is that there is quality in such Dskon, like Zarola, Zara Indonesia, lazada Indonesia, etc.. certainly a lot of discount information that would not bother us with many open tabs hehehe.
oia click here to view collaborations giveaway with fashion bloggers,  fun. my salary this month seems to be exhausted. hahaha
and certainly not just the clothes, shoes, pants or cosmetics, but you can also find a bookstore, restaurants and even throughout Indonesia on sale. oh my god you know, I want to die. for a traveler like me it was very helpful. you can see the look at here http://www.dskon.com/blog/

Happy shopping girls; p

his is my outfit when Sunsilk 25 gala dinner hour and get the best outfit. thankyou kak titi kamal :)


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