20 April 2014

New Life with a Boring Adventure

HELL - O !
long time no see!
very busy with my job and leave everything, and i forget when i taken this picture.
sorry for my bad english, bcause i writting with kopiko drink beside me and sleepiness,
want to go home and kiss my bed!
anyway, look a different design blog by me, sure i create with in the middle of boredom, and taraaaaa! 
please enjoy the blog that will change. XOXO

11 Desember 2013

OOMD : A Ladies Day with #fashionblogger

Every morning, everyday, every every every all i do i always remember youuuuuuuu.. hahaha i miss my blog so MUCH! maybe i have to forget about the fun, and focus on a career. but I was never happy with it. This is only a springboard for my goal. but I was glad when I was invited by friends of personice (one handmade exhibition in Yogyakarta). I will be sharing one of your friends later, besides there Echa and Denia. do not forget to come yes. definitely exciting because we will invites you to colaborasi fashion sense, and certainly will provide useful input for your fashion future. sooooooo .. Do not forget! we were there on Friday, 13 December 2013 at 19:00

09 September 2013

OOMD: mustard

        many people say something to what destiny is a way of life. I dont believe they ever said anything, but now I feel it. nothing can change that perception. people born in God's hands. God will not allow humans to know what her secret.
        time of this writing, i was accompanied by a lot of smoke, coffee, glass, clinking glass, beer, and some strange liquid that I dont know. This fate, I wrote here, sitting alone with my friend who was watching the korean movie romantic. I think it's boring * forget this vent.

forget about my thighs are can't small and enjoy my outfit :)


02 September 2013

OOMD: black and white my graduation

thanks for all support, i love you all mu reader! *kiss

I have a bad hair day, omg I love this hair before. held the right solution according to you? I hate this hair, it makes me look fat.
by the way, I found this white top piece in The Executive Shop. very funny I think combined with the plain black skirt.