OOMD - Sunsilk 25 jam goes to bali

      Hello. greatly missed by blog. sorry for some time, which I spend on work and thesis. hehe but it's okay. I'm happy.
oia, waking up in the morning to get ready for the office, my phone rang, I guess from where, and you know .. it from Unilever! omygod surprise!
I GO TO BALI WITH 23 OTHER PEOPLE GIRL Sunsilk. 3 days in bali experience with Sunsilk into my holiday in the most hits this year. besides free streets, each winner also free shopping! excited! first day until all still feels strange, but in the early afternoon all that was not initially know each other a brutal hahaha (sorry i do not know english good about brutal). they all were beautiful and of course good. shopping experience, the streets, shooting (which I usually do is behind the scenes, haha) dinner. Everything about it is not going to be forgotten. everything is not enough just to 3 days right? when I can meet up with you guys again.
Sunsilk thankyou, thankyou all dears, thankyou wahde and tyo :))