28 Februari 2013

LOSE AND WALKING FREE: brown shoes and hair

hey I'm coming back. sorry for posting a less important lately. time to photograph very exhausted to think of thesis and work.
oia btw my good news this month fabruari love is exactly 1 March 2013 I was officially working in PT. TEMPO MEDIA CORE Tbk :) happy, but I have very very extra devote time to my thesis that has not been done at all. and I should at least post a photo (again) outfit of the day I had yesterday. try my new shoes from @ adorableproject :) as well as first-smelling shoes vintage brown hehehe

  btw how about my new hair colour? :p

4 komentar:

  1. Just found out your blog! Love that shoes tho! xx


  2. I just discovered your blog and I must say I am impressed! oh, you have a cool pair of shoes <3

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