LOSE AND WALKING FREE : stupid dress with BMX

          Hello. kangen post a blog for quite some time. as I've said, still busy as usual. and you have to understand one thing very pleasant month of January. I was free of that drives me crazy semester 7 sudden hahaha. it's funny but I still have to get the pain again that thesis. unimaginable. and maybe I'll be the theme as my title of blogger. agree? :)
         or you have an idea, a good title on qualitative research hehehe maybe I need a lot of heads to find the right title.
         My interest in the blog world will I pour it in my thesis. I want to explore the ads in the blog but still confused what the right title for it: (
and now is not the time to think about it is actually right? hahaha it's time to HOLIDAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! I really need a holiday, but confused where I'm going to go on a very long vacation this. Well extremely long time since
alhamdullah I got a lot good grades that allow all to no remedial hehehe. it's great disemester I'm no longer a headache for college affairs, maybe I should forget the true ideals to become cum laude, from lack of value of 0.8 is very difficult to be raised unless I got an A on my thesis and my internship.
         I remember his prayer for my thesis in the 8th semester later, yes, I love you already follow my blog, give comment and also see my blog (which I hope you follow too) thanks to all of you with me here's loyal :) maybe you can get acquainted with me via twitter, Instagram, or email. see you love you my reader. muah
  ( this is my stupid photos i ever had, my friends make me stupid with his BMX )

lace dress - viola boutique // unbranded chiffon outerwear // june and julia - maroon platform

photographer : alief
editing : me


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