meet up fashion blogger jogja #2

           How about your holiday? very nice course. no idea to reference the recommended vacation spot? can you help me with a place to write in comments :)
actually ideal getaway today is to go home and meet the family, but very impossible because I just got home 5 days ago, very briefly, and I still miss home.
           Oia by the way, I met again with this chatty kids. hahaha yesterday unfortunately can not all who came, and very hard to to take pictures because it does not allow the cafe manager, but thankyou for the pancakes were delicious. back to them, this meeting of the two us. same as yesterday and did not change their madness. and I hope to meet The next up we have to complete. yesterday we had guests from Jakarta, Yogyakarta welcome to Vania from pudding monster nice to meet you: *
           And by the way I got the idea a little, maybe to meet up then we can think of for the cafe as the bascamp. it would not have moved around again so people may long be known and may be easy to add another fashion blogger :) and also be able to meet up once a month lol what about the idea of you guys?



  1. such a good photos

  2. all of you look gorgeous! what a fun way to meet another blogger around jogja :)

    1. hei dear :) You can come meet up again maybe in the next :)


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