hey hoy! say welcome for fat again! aaaaaaaaaa i hate you fat!
and say welcome too for my new jacket. look like zara jacket, combined jeand with leather, love it.
ang you know, i colouring my hair and result so sad :( . i think my hair will be maroon because i colouring with colour "red brown" and the result is orangeeeeee. ugh. look like a bitch maybe.

            There are a few tips to mix and match your leather jacket or a jacket as I had not to look boyish (for a leather jacket or a combination of jeans and leather will look tomboyish if improper use:

1. certainly should never wear leather boots together, Juka want to wear shoes, make sure you wear flat shoes or boots that terbuuat of lightweight material (ex: suede) brightly colored.

2. Do not mix and match the jacket with a dark colored shirt.

3. give sweetener padabaju accessories (belt, necklace) or also add the bracelet and bright shades of gold, do occasionally wear black accessories.

4. avoid the plain transparent black stockings.

5. the latter, do not wear jeans that are torn.


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