LOSE AND WALKING FREE : Colourfull mix

         it took a very long walk back to take the time to blog again. upcoming shows and job training is very disturbing very solid. difficult for me at this time to take the mind. oia, I interned at TEMPO MEDIA CORE Yogyakarta. office the person very well, but look for an ad is very confusing. I'm not used to talking to new people and offer them a wide range of advertising packages in the newspapers, and you know? very hard to find companies that want to advertise. want to cry but to be faced, and it turns out my body is not strong -___- I'd have to do this every heart for 2 months, spirit!
         oia, interrupted yesterday when I meet back up with fashion blogger jogja and HAPPY. I will soon post his updates the next ya hehehe.

         This time I combined a yellow shirt shiffon real pleasure with torn tights hahaha too bad I liked it and did not seem to matter if the picture was taken. and do not forget my favorite maroon heels.


 and he's my photographer

editing : by me
phtograph : Joe


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