LOSE AND WALKING FREE : trenggalek, east java

       hei i'm coming with the late post. this post when i went go to trenggalek, east java. holidaaaaaaaay..
hahaha rather miss college, so funny. i accompany my bf perform there. i have a lot of memory to explain, moveover when we dismissed the police when going home to jogja. License and STNK is lost, etc.
recommended you must going to "pasir putih beach" playing canoe, walking in the sand, etc.
       you know, when we got there, we did not found hotel. at midnight and deserted. very desert.
after turning the city several times we found a small hotel with a price of 25,000 overnight. very cheap for the hotel right? -____- but i bring memory when i go home. allergy. very itchy.
and make me always caution when i sleep or sit wherever. you want try it? i think you'll cry when you look your feet became black trace.
       one recommendation from me to you when you go there. never wear short pants or you'll be very aware of people around.hahaha

i wear: 
one and half jacket // unbranded sleeveless shirt // unbranded pants // shoepoint sandals // sunglasses by rayban

photographer: yohanes dwi prasetyo
editing: by me


  1. tanktopnya lucu >.<

    ♥ visit my blog if you have the time dear :)

    mind to follow each other?

  2. cute!!♥ btw, love the new concept of your blog :)

  3. Cakep kali kak @.@ Sekrang pasti lebih cakep hehe


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