LOSE AND WALKING FREE : meet up fashion blogger jogja #1

thankyou for nice picture all darling!

happiness comes when we can laugh together. day was on 22 october. me and my friends the other jogja fashion bloggers met for the first time. wow very pleasant experience. a lot of things that I can get from there. I found a lot of things from them. how I respond and socialize.
I met denia, clara devi, echa, Deyna, farah, Cintya, and meylin. they are very good :) farah even just sitting in junior high school. Woooooow crazy. very young compared to me hehe
motivation to post the blog grew, but time were in my way. This pain does not go away. I'm just a doctor fonis bladder infection. and you know it feels, to the way I could not. This disease is really torture. but that's okay. whatever god give. I know I can definitely run it all. sometimes hard to accept that I have to bear this disease alone. but I had too much to complain sometimes. it makes God angry.
back to topic. I know the real life of each of us how. I know it's the way their characters each. and very impatient to meet up at the next meeting.
maybe next time we can share clothes or planning to open a garage sale for a blogger, or a picnic with the plans that have not been delivered.
maybe I had an idea to create a concept photo with them, or doing project work with -_____lol-crazy idea.

 cintya and denia

 meylin and deyna

 Echa and Cintya

photo from : deyna blog, echa blog, lucedale instagram, and email from denia :*


  1. Replies
    1. Ikuttttttttttttttt email me ya kalo ada lagi :) resty.rechun@gmail.com

  2. Blood infection? What that's mean? :"(
    Huhuuh, get well soon kak! :*

    Iyaa yukk meet up lagi ♥

    1. Infeksi kantung kemih sayang huhuuu makasih :*

  3. nice event :)

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  4. so sad i couldn't join! it looks like you guys had so much fun <3

    1. You must join to the next meet up dear! :-):-):-)

  5. You all look lovely!=)


  6. aaaa i want to meet with the bloggers :(((


  7. I love your jacket!<3
    wanna follow each other?


  8. Thankyou :-), follow me first and i will follow you back

  9. you are soo lucky ><


  10. Numpan Iklan!!!
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  11. Sweet memoriess... ^-^ Jogja yah??


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