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           my post may be a bit confusing this time. title is juxta fashion. juxta you know? juxta is a term in photography that tells about the comparison. for example, the ugly with the beautiful, black and white, etc. my friend took the theme of fashion with the wrong comparison activities. for example with one of my photos tells the photographer who photographed the model. hahaha very stupid is not it? but fun.
there were also those who expressed a photo with stupid, but the point across. the same when we see people wearing black umbrella amid scorching sun. but it seemed unusual to stupid today. crazy world right now. I even spent my time taking care of the blog and look at every detail of his, which, according to my friend is stupid. but it was all fun. anything that will be created with a heart will feel happy in the end is not it? it all depends on each human.
           oia. I dress the face with brown eye shadow, gold, moss green and dark red. and they look very interesting hahaha. but I stupidly forgot to take a picture. 

i wear:
topshop bralette // unbranded cardigan // long skirt from curious // collar from stellar neckwear // black boots from june and julia

photo by: joe and alief
edited by: me


  1. love your shoes, and the colour of ur top is really nice ^^

    would you mind to follow each other?
    let me know.. ;)


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