LOSE AND WALKING FREE : black and roller skates

i try to wear something different, when many bloggers wear nice shoes i try to wear roller skates with long skirt. hahaha and very difficult to use when you are playing roller skates. stupid but it's fun. and of course i get a good picture. love candid. it being nicer than I had to pose with a smile. hahaha 
i love mix and match my collar with blazer, they so match. you must know it was my first blazer. i get that from my sister, she is bought it in mango. i loveeeee it, with lace forearm section.
and thankyou for my boyfriend I already want to dress up a nerd. ahhahaha you look stupid like that dear. i love you. 
first photo i take in UGM university while there is a graduation hahaha and thankyou for security at UGM has driven me -____- . embarrassing

i wear:
black blazer from mango // unbranded tube top // long skirt from curious // black boots from june and julia // black and white collar from stelar neckwear // unbranded hat

photographer: joe and alief
edited: by me


  1. your boyfriend?? he looks so cute anyway :p hahaha cocok deh <3

    1. hihi thank you a lot dear :*, he's look stupid right? hahahhaaha

  2. haha you're so funny :p

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