LOSE AND WALKING FREE : late juli oh noooooooo

hi guys, a lot of things we can do on this holiday is not it? Well after going through the final exam that is very, very tiring (for all courses held take home) holiday finally came. hurray
I expect good grades in the semester that I have passed it to get a cum laude next year (pray for me before I was really mad). because I took the ad and some production projects as well as practicum and internship and thesis. oh my god. I think I am going to pinsan. not to mention the thought of laopran year-end report which I will make.
pray for me. and this time not a good holiday because I had to find a company willing to accommodate me for 1 month.

This photo is actually not a new photo. about 1 month ago. I pick it up at the intersection BANK INDONESIA

the red sculpture which is amazing

crop top from lunamaya for HW // cheap monday jeans // tanktop from lunamaya for HW // pink boots from bugis street


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