LOSE AND WALKING FREE : black white rose in phonix

hi I am finally back with a good photo haha, it's hard to expose what I use every day, rather than any limitations, but it is difficult to find people who want to photograph me. they were all very lazy. and unless the big day yesterday, Tuesday. uncategoriez got an offer to play music at the Hotel Phonix Yogyakarta. a very exciting day. you know, just once I saw them all, especially my boyfriend to wear a very immaculate. they usually fall apart. but I'm happy, the Artajasa workshop was very successful times. they make the workshop event in 5 cities, including Yogyakarta and they invited us :) thank you.
for some reason I became interested in makeup. and I was happy to apply it in my face, especially in the brown eye shadow, blush-colored brown and orange. do not forget chanel nude color lipstick and eye liner (for sure). and the last thing I want right now is all kinds of smells benefits. oh my god They are coooooool!
and another, I lost my 3 kilo this month. and it makes me look better on camera hehehe

 thankyou so much for alief to spend your time with us hihi thankyou for nice pict. you are rock!

black skirt - curious // white shiffon - unknown // tank top - LM for hardware // june and julia black boots

photographer : alief
edited : me