28 Juni 2012

LOSE AND WALKING FREE : Happy birthday 20th , ARDITA!

happy birthday my ardita wow :) ur age was still 20 :( . age difference is decisive. oia thankyou for my friends who've help me made surprise party. because of distance me and Adot birthday was only 4 days, so chances are he was not too surprised. I do not know what it is but a very clear thank you for your time yesterday. Red velvet and ice cream. hihi very happy yesterday, after trying to take pains to bring a vehicle with one hand because the left hand holding the cake, I finally get in return. a piece of red velvet, 3 scoop of almond ice cream and rum raisin, pasta and pizza. nyuuuuum smile.

I wear bralette from topshop // long skirt from friday to sunday // flatshoes from summit

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