LOSE AND WALKING FREE : Hey, this month is june

Wow tomorrow is june oke and 24 days again i will get one age and very old. I am not young again. Thank you very much much much god fot ur love, for ur hug and for ur sadness. I love you, same with my love for mom.
many things this year that will be very tiring. of the starting job singing each week to add seven songs in each week, and a secretary avfest and avikom this year. oh my god is very stressful. much to do. When i had time to my thesis later, oia dont forget to pray for me so I can join internship in gogirl magz  amiiiiiiiin thankyou so much muah.

Enough for sadness story. Ehem i got new shirt I LOVE JAKARTA from my friend wahyu, thankyouuuu *hug. I miss you so much. I wear beautiful pink pants from rere and mustard handbag from yongki komaladi. That fitri's hand bag and i borrowed it, verry funny hehe