happy birthday to you

happy birthday 96th sleman :) you give me a lot of story in here. start from small until big and finish. you give me love, bf, friends, and many more.  sleman may be safe, without violence, sleman is not noisy and hot.


all it's joke for starting. we are not far to think we only want you enjoy, have fun, and happy. i sing for you, i laugh and smile for you. all song i sing walking from my heart to your heart.
yes! today i get one opportunity to sing with my friends Uncategorized to play and make you enjoy at birthday sleman.
tonight for some reason I love to wear black. hehehe all without exception.
 I was wearing a black knitted from hammer / / tanktop HWfromlunmay / / shoes from summit / / and my new black collar from stellar neckwear. i love i collar, thankyou so much stellar neckwear. I could wear a black collar that is I like to mix it with a lot of my clothes. yes i love black. very hard to find a smooth collar in Jogja. and I found them! so perfect :) you should visit their online shop. and I can hardly wait for my second collar that will come later on Saturday :)

photograph by alief
editing by me