inspiration :10 Celebrity Blogs We Heart, and 10 We Wish Existed

i get something nice from ifb. 10 celebrity blog and 10 blog artist we wish existed. wooooow and i love him so much. i know bcause they all famous. and maybe not one people from we, can as them. 

10 Celebrity Blogs We Love:

Olivia Palermo: We love her personal style, and her site gives us a peek into her life and how to get her looks.
Beyonce: I mean, what could be better than Beyonce (and Jay) in their natural habitats, and on Tumblr?
Gweneth Paltrow: Say what you want about GOOP, but it has some really great articles
Coco Rocha:What if your best friend was a supermodel, and had a blog? That would be this.
Lauren Conrad: Pretty, frilly girly posts on everything from fashion to dining to lifestyle and decor.
Hello Giggles: Though it’s not really a true celebrity blog, we love that it was started by Zooey Deschannel and two of her friends.
Diana Agron: Quinn from Glee has a whimsical and entertaining Tumblr.
Whitney Port: Former reality star and sort-of fashion designer, Whit shares her press clippings, personal photos and music tips.
Alec Baldwin: He contributes to the Huffington Post regularly to comment on current events and more, and it’s actually pretty interesting.
Anna Dello Russo: Her blog is as wild as her personal style, and we can’t get enough.

10 Celebrity Blogs We Wish Existed:

Kate Middleton: Royal fetes, fascinators and Instagrams of Prince William; can you even imagine?
Kate Moss: Speaking of British Kates, what if Miss Moss had a personal style blog? #chictothenextlev
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen: Behind-the-scenes at Elizabeth and James, designing for The Row, and all that Starbucks coffee.
Ryan Gosling: No. Explanation. Needed.
Johny Depp: When he’s not filming Tim Burton movies, he’s living in the French countryside. I want to know what that’s like.
Madonna: Think of all the things we could learn about staying relevant, being in the best shape of anyone on Earth, and vogueing.
Meryl Streep: Don’t act like you don’t think she’s the
Emma Stone: She seems so down-to-Earth and hilarious, right?. I want to be her best friend, and know what she does everyday.
Tina Fey: It would just be so funny, and so awkward.
Michelle Obama: Motherhood, FLOTUS adventures and all her fabulous and accessible fashion.