Holiday Love

many things i get when i go home. from trip yogyakarta, Batam, TanjungPinang alone, until trip to Singapore. too much something i cant forget until now. i miss my trip. really. when i write this, i feel really want go to home. bad feel if you start home sick. oh my God. i love time at home. talk with my mom. look my father, playing with my little Adityo and Rhazi. it's so funny :)
ups, i'm forget one thing, thanks for my besties Maya, Ujie, Ucul, Mia. i love youuuuuuu.. special for bang Dayat. i hope you get someone yah hehehe.
wait me next year friends :) i really-really miss you all, and i never forget your time for me. I was so weak in this story: (


 accompanied by a pancake from Solo
 Bataaaaaaaaaaaaaaam. LOOK!Barelang Bridge!

 My Razhi ♥

Batam- Tanjung pinang

 Yummiii. this is my Favorite Juice. Avocado with ice cream one cup. this taste so different compared to the others.

 you can call name "GongGong"


 Sweet Corn, cheese
 love at the first sight,cendol and apollo ice thankyou bang dayaaaat


ice cream one dollar in orchad road