cool night in alun-alun kidul, yogyakarta

beaccccccch. yeah. at sundak beach kidul mountain, yogyakarta. i go to there with my friends at collage. every year, we always holding events to have fun and are usually named "communication on vacation"

Baliiiiiiiiiiiii. when i go bali with my friends. Our train economy arrived at banyuwangi. then to Bali on a ship. woooooow many interesting experiences during the week retreat. full of fear and surprise. too embarrassed. hahaha all of them happy. want to go there again. Bali is heaven on earth. do not feel like home. but I was a bit difficult to eat there :( not delicious.

when i holiday, i think i must take a picture for get a special moment. and i share with you.

 photo by adot
editing by me