OOMD: Look Like Cherybelle?

            I feel after a long time this blog contains my notes traveler. hahaha and of course the same as the outfit that I use. This time is my post to the streets of Semarang. experience during the 2 days that a lot of obstacles.
streets are my hobby, because I can wear anything and be seen by many people. I never care to see their expressions to see me wear anything, it all makes me uncomfortable.
oia, a lot of fashion bloggers who wear any now based on brand, I do not care about that, regardless of the price of the clothes I buy, it's just a risk that I took, but the important thing is how we can use it comfortably and looks different.
yeah, but it's back again to their hobby to write. I just wrote some stuff that I use to recommend, but I rarely do anymore. I'm happier writing my feelings, what I'm doing with wearing it.
you guys do the same thing?


  1. Loving ur outfit, so cute and simple <3


  2. sepatunya loh keren! :)

    ♥ visit my blog if you have the time dear :)


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