07 Februari 2012

content in the darkroom

everyday only accompanied items in my boarding house. hehe I try to share pictures with you.  
how about your room?
a lot happens in this room. dolls, dairy, etc. always accompany. do not forget the laptop, wacom, tv, and of course gogirl. oia. introduce my hamster. Bedot and Bella. lol they are funny female hamster. bedot always lots of food and rarely exercise, while bella she is very energetic, and of course Bedot more fat than Bella. but it's no problem, they are very funny. but two days ago I gave them to my Bf. bcause I've been very busy few months and several months ahead. very difficult to keep them clean. and make my room very smelly. hoek. i miss you, really Bedot Bella. muah ♥


love my converse
my new Green Lace :D with a Gold tube top, i buy this at viola butik. by price Rp 75.000


My Jacque Martin. i love watch to boy. 

and here it is my friends. HUG

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